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How to Deal With Car Paint Lacquer Interface?

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How to make car paint lacquer interface not obvious? Share the method of operation with you!
1.use a polishing machine to deal with the whole handle, throw away the paint above the rust and stains.
2.with degreasing agent oil, clear wax.
3.with 2000 sandpaper polished, the area is greater than the spray primer color range of about 10cm.
4.spray primer, basecoat viscosity slightly, spray the scope as small as possible.
5.varnish to join the interface water, mixing ratio is 1: 1
6.spray varnish, varnish proportion of the normal deployment, spray gun pressure not too much, spray the scope of the paint than the real color 2cm, leaving 8cm two thousand sandpaper traces.
7.simply polished the place where the spray car clear paint, the interface of the water do not care for it.

8.the last is the overall polishing, then the interface is absolutely not obvious.

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