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How to Deal With Car Paint Lacquer Interface?

How to make car paint lacquer interface not obvious? Share the method of operation with you! 1.use a polishing machine to deal with the whole handle, throw away the paint above the rust and stains. 2.with degreasing agent oil, clear wax. 3.with 2000 sandpaper polished, the area is greater than the spray primer color range of about 10cm. 4.spray primer, basecoat viscosity slightly, spray the scope as small as possible. 5.varnis

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Why The Brightness of The Car Clear Coat Is Not High?

The brightness and freshness of the car varnish film is mainly related to the smoothness and gloss of car clear coat. It is used to indicate one of the decorative properties of the paint film. It can be visualized or measured with a special instrument to indicate. Sometimes the brightness of the varnish is not enough, what are the reasons? 1.It may be the background paint is too rough, not smooth formation. It is recommended t

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How to Polish 2K Car Paint?

2K car paint spray is easy, but polished more difficult, especially 2K car black paint, because the wax easy to fall. We need to polish before polished, and then coarse wax, polishing machine open the second file to the wax in the polished place, and then gradually raised to 4 speed, according to the pressure from the big turn, until the wax is gone, and then again. After wiping the wax with a wet towel, wipe dry and then wi

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How to Distinguish 1K Car Paint And 2K Car Paint?

For the novice, do not know what is 1K car paint and 2K car paint. In the industry, 1K is called single-component paint, 2K called two-component paint. 1.if the paint has the flash point of the metal particles, that is 1K paint, 2K paint is not; 2.1K paint without metal particles, you can use the scale to dip and then observe the auto paint, the surface drying speed faster is 1K, and the film is no shiny; 3.If the paint conce

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Why Does The Car Paint Appear Pinhole?

After the car paint spray, the surface of the car paint film appear needle-like holes, this phenomenon is called pinholes. In the paint drying process, what is the main reason for the emergence of pinholes? 1.when the paint is painted, the paint is too thick, the general situation is three times, but you spray four or five times, when the paint film is dry, car paint thinner and air contact time is too long, when they reach th

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Whether The Car Coating Is Toxic?

At present, many items show that the paint has a certain toxicity, so many friends are very concerned about whether the car paint is toxic, after all, health is first. In fact, if the paint is not a little toxicity, it is certainly a lie, it is only a toxic degree.According to the relevant tests show that the general solvent-based paint toxicity or environmental pollution is higher than the water-based paint, if for safety r

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The Attention of The Car Wash

The purpose of car washing is to make the car can be bright as new, but if the car wash is not easy to let the car lost luster. There are two precautions need to must pay attention, do not let the original car's hurt it. Washing powder ruined car paint Washing powder is alkaline detergent, damage to the car paint, if long-term use of detergent to car wash, the car's surface will gradually lose luster. The corrosion of the pain

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Does Your Car Spray Repair Paint?

How to judge whether a car is sprayed repair paint, we summed up two methods with you. 1.grinding method: Select the edge of the repair area, sanding the car paint with sandpaper until the metal surface is exposed, observe the structure of the paint film, if the cross-section of the paint section has a clear dividing line or a significant color difference, then this means that the car sprayed car repair paint. 2.Measurement

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The Ratio of Car Paint And Thinner

1K paint does not need car paint hardener, 2K paint required hardener high gloss without varnish. Mixed ratio refers to the weight ratio, such as 1K topcoat, 1K pearl paint, 1K silver paint with the proportion of thinner is 1 : 1, pay attention to no curing agent; 2k topcoat and varnish class belongs to 2K series that need to add curing agent and thinner, the ratio is generally 2 : 1 : 0.5, the ratio of single-component primer

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How Long Does The Car Spray Paint?

Many owners think that painting is not so complicated, want to quickly spray the car paint, want to take the car early. In fact, the faster the car paint, the worse the car. Generally the work that spent a long time is preparations before painting. Clean, paste the newspaper, do anti-rust treatment for the car primer, that is, spray epoxy primer, car paint is not just a layer, it consists of a lot of single paint, and each l

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Why The Car Paint Is Peeling Off?

Between the car topcoat and the car primer, between the car repair paint and the old paint layer, there will be poor adhesion phenomenon. What is the reason? 1. the surface clean is not clean or not prepared properly. If the abrasive dust on the primer layer, or other surface contaminants are not completely removed, the topcoat layer will not be in good contact with the primer layer, resulting in a barrier to poor adhesion. 2.

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What Errors Will Exist When Spraying Car Paint?

After the collision of the car, it need to re-paint the car and spray paint on the car. The car will often have a lot of errors in the spray, if these errors do not go to a timely solve, then there will be a serious impact on the car paint, as car repair paint manufacturers , Let us teach you to correct the misunderstanding. 1. before spraying, the preparatory process is not done, may the place where need to paint is no clean

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Advantages of Automotive Metallic Paint

At present the application of metal paint is very wide, it has a protective effect on metal material. What is the advantage of car metal paint? Automotive metal paint is currently the most popular kind of car paint on the market. Metal paint which contains a fine metal powder, in the light of the light can shine. The hardness of automotive metal paint is relatively high, the paint is relatively hard, not easy to be scratched

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How to Carry Out Car Paint Maintenance?

I take you to understand the car paint maintenance skills and routine maintenance. 1. In the maintenance of vehicles, do not use dirty handsto touch the car paint,or wiping the paint with oil cloth,do not place a sticky oil toolsor a cloth containing an organic solventon the vehicle body to avoid chemical reactions. 2. If the automobile paint has no obvious scratches,do not easily carry out the second painting, to avoi

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Completion Acceptance Review Meeting

We are a professional factory to produce and sale automotive paint, we have professional technical production personnel and scientific research personnel, we have many years of export experience, our customers all over the world, our main car paint has three brands, BOYET Series, MARSIDE Series, GOODSIF Series. Including poxy primer, extra fast clear coat, car paint thinner and others. We have our own production plant, if yo

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Car Coating Can Give The Paint Protection

Car coating can prevent ultraviolet rays to damage the car paint, in the summer sunshine, after the long-term exposure to ultraviolet light, the chemical structure of car paint will slowly change, after a long time the paint will become lost luster, heterochromatic spots, and even cracks. The film surface can form a layer of dense positive and negative ion film, can effectively reflect the sun and ultraviolet light, prevent ul

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