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Car Scratch Repair

Car scratch repair must find regular maintenance shop to fix, experienced maintenance shop will use different methods against different scratches to make the scratches disappear. Usually use polished way to deal with slight scratches, use depth grinding to deal with shallow scratches. But the moderate scratches and deep scratches can not be repaired by grinding method, which repair with refinish paint. In the event of mod

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Development of Automotive Refinish Paint

Before the 1950s, automotive clearcoats based drying alkyd paints, nitro acrylic-based paint and volatile as main, after evaporation of the solvent at room temperature, naturally dry to film. At this time, it can be used for restorations. After the 1950s, automotive finishes gradually being substituted with thermosetting amino baking; By the 1970s, there has to volatilize type lacquer or acrylic lacquer painting as automotive

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Features of Automotive Clear Coat

Clear coat is beautiful, gloss is high, but prone to scratches. If used slightly stiff towel or chamois to wipe the car after washing the car, it will appear hair scratches. Present the original clear coat material used mainly for high-temperature curing one-component paint: polyurethane or polyester, refinish clear coat materials commonly used mainly for natural curing two-component acrylic. Clear coat generally have protecti

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Interpretation of Car Paint Care

Car paint like the human skin, acid rain, oxides, ultraviolet like bacteria would attack the car's "skin". Now, the importance of car paint care has been taken seriously. Car paint is normally provided by electrolysis paint, primer, color paint, from the chemical composition point of view, the development of automobile paint through three stages, 1920s alkyd (magnetic) paint, 60s acrylic acid (magnetic) paint, 80s mirror

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Experience Rio Olympic Stadium

Before the opening of the Olympic Games in Rio, publicized status of the Olympic Games stadium and the Olympic Village on the network. Rio also has the Olympic Park, composed by a series of huge place. Walking on the tortuous road of Olympic, you can see a bicycle velodrome left hand side, right hand side are three huge training venues, tennis courts is immediately followed. It is said that the Rio Olympic games decoration i

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Automotive Refinish Color Technology

Automotive refinish paint color work is very complex, the main methods currently used manual color and computer-aided color. In general, automotive refinish paint is made of masterbatch, resins, solvents and additives. Masterbatch component consists of high pigment content leading paste, there are metallic paint masterbatch and monochromatic paint series masterbatch. The resin component is the main film coating material. Sol

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Acid Rain Will Corrode The Car Paint

Frequent rain in summer, acidic component in rainwater has a corrosive effect on car paint surface, over time will cause damage to the paint surface of the car. Rainy weather should be more and more car wash, it can effectively remove the corrosive effects of acid rain components for automotive paint surface. Seasonal maintenance must not ignore waterproof work. Some owners believe that it is good to put on a garment for the

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Advantages of Car Paint

The main features of car paint performance: high gloss, high hardness, good adhesion, the film has excellent mechanical properties, excellent gloss retention, has good weathering resistance, abrasion resistance, has good acid and alkali resistance, gasoline-resistant performance. Automotive paint depend on the additives, in the sun's radiation, paint will always fade. How to do? This additive is very important, paint addi

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Classification of Automotive Refinish Paint

Automotive refinish paint is divided into the natural color paint and metallic flash paint according to pigment components. Classified by low temperature curing methods, low temperature (≥80 ℃) curing agent paint and high temperature (≥120 ℃) curing agent paint. According to composition, it is divided into one-component paints and two-component paint; According to resin, it is divided into nitro refinish paint, polyester refin

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Automotive Coatings Maintenance

First, before using the vehicle, timely remove dust on the car body, reducing the body electrostatic adsorption of dust. Second, when the rain is stop, clean the car in time. Because rain stains have higher concentration of the acid, at this time, if not promptly clean up easily damage car paint. Third, to ensure that the engine to cool before washing car, avoid washing in the sun, because the drying cleaner is easy to

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Difference between Automotive Refinish Paint and Original Paint

Automotive original paint is different from automotive refinish paint, automotive original paint is uniform coating before leaving the factory, the automobile plant has specific requirements for car paint, so most automobile plant and made paint company developed a special supply agreement. it is generally used in high-temperature baking finish. Automotive refinish paint is the solution to the outer coating of the car, it ne

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What Kind of Car Paint?

Car body has a special coating, that is auto coatings. Its main function is to ensure that your car away from the corrosion, thereby extending the life of the vehicle. Then let us look the type of the car paint. Different paint can produce different results, choose a different color can also show a different owner's personality. Automotive paint is different from other paint, because the car often activities in outdoor, i

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Precautions of Fill Paint

First of all, all over the place, even in the original factory, refinish will not use any "original paint"! However, under normal circumstances, Manufacturers still recommend specified brand refinish paint, good service stations will use a good brand. Secondly, refinish Coatings colors are out of the deployment before the repair. If you are parked outside, the degree of discoloration in different directions will be slightly di

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Automotive Paint Knowledge

Automotive paint is generally baked paint. Inside the depot, car frame, car body is welded, after repairing car body manually, the next process is to be painted. Generally, the first is primer, the white body is immersed in paint tank, remove the dried paint; and then into the clean room, using an electrostatic painting process to spray surfacer, and then drying with temperature of 200 degrees. Some car will be coated wit

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Development history and trend of the automotive repair paint

Speaking of car repair paint, is about 1925 years ago, is the natural resin of enamel, after using the cellulose nitrate, medium oil alkyd resin coating, spraying construction technology to replace brush construction in 1940. Solvent a two-component, polyurethane coating system is about to enter the market in 1970, car repair paint coating has become the dominant resin system, and now, according to the development trend i

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