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The Basic Repair Methods of Car Paint

Source:Zhen Rou Mei    Release time:2017/1/12 16:04:43    Click volume:
Scratches on the car paint is a common problem, then what is the basic method to repair car paint scratch?
1.The paint pen repair method for car paint scratches, the paint pen with a similar color is applied to the scratch, that is, paint pen repair method. This method is simple but the repair office paint adhesion is not enough, easy to peel and difficult to lasting.
2. Repair spray method for car paint scratches, using the traditional method to repair the scratches, select the corresponding color of the car repair paint and then paint repair, the disadvantage is to damage the original paint, repair time is too long, the effect is difficult to satisfactory.

3.The computer paint spray method for car paint scratches, combined with computer-adjusted paint and the use of new technology methods of deep scratches repair technology, which is a fast technical repair method, but requires accurate color deployment, make the old and new paint better integration, to achieve the best adhesion.



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