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The Secret of Automotive Paints Color

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The main stream automotive paint color is popular that others, such as white, black and grey. Certainly, these colors look more beautiful and elegant. Do you know the differences between the paint colors?

1. Which color could be taken good care of easily?

It would save much time owning an easy-clean color as our cars run outdoors every day. Most people may think that black is the best choose for easy clean. While, in reality, black is more obvious that others with dust and scratch. Light colors can avoid this problem, for example, white and grey.

2. Which color has the best absorption?

Yes, you are clever! Black has best absorption. But silver color is better than white on this point. Choose a light color if you are in hot areas.

3. The safety that color

An authoritative report says that safety is not only decided by the car condition, drivers’ condition, it is related to the car colors. The accidents amount at day and night is at the top when you are driving a black car among all the colors. The others are grey, blue and red. The safe colors are white, golden, yellow and silver. The reason is that drivers will judge the vehicle distance and the volume and cars.

So choose your color more seriously.

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