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Why Use Plastic Primer?

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This question is often asked by many fiends. Why use plastic primer while we painting our cars? What are the effects on earth? Let’s talk about today.

plastic primer

Definition: Plastic primer is the first painting when we paint our cars. The finish of following paints treatment would be based on it.

Characteristic: Single-component transparent fast drying primer, used to promote adhesion of paint system to plastic parts.

How to choose? First and importantly, the plastic primer must have good adhesion with the car material and the car paintings you will use in next steps. So, at the same time, it is required that the plastic primer must have waterproof, rust protection, chemical resistance, oil resistance. For its result, the oil film it produced must have the features that keep perfect hardness, stone-resistant, flexibility. It is recommended not to spray thickly to avoid peeling off.

Cars with plastic primer is just like people with confidence. There is no fear whatever terrible things happen on your body. Nowadays all kinds of painting industry catch importance to plastic primer, which is a must trend in automobile market development.



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