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The Role of Car Varnish Lay

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Car varnish layer has two roles: one is to increase the brightness and brightness of paint, and the other is to protect the paint layer.

Its characteristics are the following four points:

1. Car clear paint generally contains a protective function to reduce the UV radiation, as long as the varnish layer is intact, it can effectively delay the aging of car paint.

2. The original use of the original varnish material is mainly high-temperature curing of the one-component paint: polyurethane or polyester, varnish materials of repair paint is natural curing of the two-component acrylic esters.

3. Varnish is beautiful, high gloss, but prone to scratches. Pay attention to the wipe after car washing.

4.Varnish is more susceptible to environmental pollution than ordinary paint. Once the debris fall on the car, with the water in the air, it becomes an acidic solution of corrosive varnish.

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