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How to Maintain the Paint Surface of Different Colors

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Automobile has become an indispensable transportation tool in daily life. How to maintain the car paint surface also became the hot topic.

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Black is the number one color that gets dirty easily. According to this feature, in the process of the usual maintenance, vehicles should be parked in relatively clean parking places and avoid direct sunlight. It is recommended the use of car covers at ordinary times, for example, in the long term parking or in dirty parking environment. Clean the vehicle regularly.

It is easy to turn to yellow when the white finish is long. White color becomes older and oxidation more easily than other colors. You need to pay special attention in the usual maintenance process, the long time of sunshine point-blank exacerbate surface yellowing and oxidation. So it should avoid to driving cars direct exposure to the sun, choosing shade place to park, such as underground parking, under the tree.

Whatever the color of the car, it should be regularly and timely cleaned and maintenance. Maintenance generally refers to the regular of body waxing, keeping body paint gloss and preventing getting old. But you should know that it is not to the more wax the better. Because excessive maintains wax, it can harm the car surface instead.

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