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How to Maintain Car Body in Autumn

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Car body can be hurt easily in Autumn. Do you know how to maintain it?

Exterior of the car: Due to the summer monsoon rain shower, especially the corrosive of the acid in the rain and the summer glare, the paint surface of the car will inevitably be oxidized and corroded. Before the time of new season, it is advised to do a series of cosmetic treatments for the car surface from cleaning and polishing to waxing, glazing or coating. There are a lot of high quality products to protect car lacquer face , paint abrasives, paint or paint reductant, multi-function cleaning wipes, paint protectants, etc. They not only has the functions of cleaning, polishing brighten up. Moreover it can form protective film in the automotive paint.

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Vehicles inside: Due to the high temperature and rainy days, car carpet and other blind areas caused a lot of bacteria and dust, which is easy to produce peculiar smell. Once the windows are closed in cold days, the air in the carriage will become turbid, odor and bacteria. It will be harmful to people's health. So it is necessary to do a thorough cleaning for your car interior. In addition, the door spindle and guide rail are easy to rust because of the sand, rain and washes. There will be a different sound when you open or close the door. It is can be solved by regularly applying anti-rust oil on it.

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