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Is the Automotive clear coat toxic?

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When painting the car,we also need not only one car paint.Car paints are various like Automotive Car Paints,metallic auto paint with different uses.We are China Car Paints Manufacturers who with rich experience.I will always share some tips about car paints for you.

Automotive clear coat is a resin plus solvent transparent coating, resin as the main film. Automotive clear coat can not be called toxic and non-toxic, its main source of harmful substances from solvents, usually benzene, ketones, esters. The smell of varnish, does not mean that toxicity. Solvent content is high, but the odor is small, harmful, resin content is high, the smell is big, but the harm is small. Varnish inside the solvent will generally evaporate during the drying process of the paint film. So paint practitioners in the production and use of spray paint in the protective measures

Automotive clear coat



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