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How to spray silver car paint powder

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We are professional Auto Paints Manufacturer,also China Car Paints Manufacturers.We have rich knowledge in car paints.The following i will share some knowledge about how to spray silver car paint powder.

In general Spray silver need to paint three times , the first adopt wet spray method paint two times , the last time adopt dry spray,it cna spray out the fine,bright, flash silver particles! Some people may say that  wet spray will bite the bottom, poly silver, flower! I am directly to him Oh! I ask you, do you have a good foundation yet? Basically dried? Not rough foundation? If it is not like this, do not spend it just strange; and construction temperature is not too low, then thinner is not easy to volatilize, will produce poly silver phenomenon, but also easy to bloom. Also, the most important wet spray is to do a good job. The first pass wet spray finished completely dry in the spray the second time, the second time also do a good job in the last dry

 silver car paint



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