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How to protect car paint

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We are professional Auto Coatings Manufacturers with rich experience.I will always share little tips with you and welcome to follow me.Hope to receive your suggestion.Then i will talk about how to protect car paint?

Cart paints are various include Automotive Paints,industrial paints.When painting we also need automotive degreaser.

Car paint protection projects (waxing, polishing, sealing glaze, coating), the maintenance of these charges I do not detail the project, the following to give you some examples of how should we  protect the daily car paint.

1, try not to let the car sun exposure. Although automotive paint by the excellent weather resistance, UV resistance, but a long time car paint will age, fade.

2, do not wash the car under the sun, including the sun do not immediately wash the car, often so easily lead to paint cracking.

3, after the rain to develop the habit of car washing, rain and can not play the role of car wash, but there will be corrosion paint, because the rain acidic. Wash the rain with water immediately.

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