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Perfect Automechanika Shanghai 2017

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We are professional Car Paints Manufacturers also Auto Coatings Manufacturers.Guangzhou Zhenroumei Chemical Coating Limited. to participate in the Automechanika Shanghai 2017, Maintenance Testing and Diagnostic Equipment and Services Products Exhibition. To make overseas customers experience the best products and services from China Zhenroumei Chemical Coating Limited.

Automechanika Shanghai(AMS) Exhibition

Automechanika Shanghai(AMS) Exhibition is an internationally renowned trade show brand: Germany automechanika show one of the world's 12 brand exhibition in 2016 for the 13th. AMS deservedly become the largest exhibition outside the Automechanika Global Show in Germany. In 2015, AMS Move to International Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) brought together more than 5,300 exhibitors from around the world with a total scale of 280,000 square meters, attracting over 100,000 professional buyers from home and abroad. Exhibition covers auto parts,repair and maintenance, supplies and modification of the three major sectors of the plate.

Automechanika Shanghai(AMS) Exhibition

Through this exhibition, To make more overseas customers to experience the products and services from China Zhenroumei Chemical Coating Limited. products and services. Zhenroumei Chemical Coating Limited car paint, really really soft!

Automechanika Shanghai(AMS) Exhibition



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