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What cause the Automotive clear coat begain to peel off

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1,there may be directly paint automotive clear coat,not wait the car paints spray dry , it is estimated the next day a piece can be torn off, If you do not believe,you can try;

2,it is possible that the car paints has done too long, no polishing directly on the paint will produce shedding phenomenon, because any paint before spraying must be polished, varnish adsorption in the primer layer will be more solid.

3, varnish has different solids, different varnish matching the corresponding curing agent, if the ratio of the varnish and the corresponding curing agent is not correct, the adhesion will also be affected. For example, a high level of curing agent and a low concentration of varnish may cause the varnish layer to become brittle and fall off easily. So do not varnish Do not use curing agent, be sure to use a matching curing agent, and in strict accordance with the ratio.

If the Automotive clear coat began peel off,how do we repair it?

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