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Steps of spraying Automotive Paints

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Automotive paints are composed of multiple lacquers, when repair car paints and renovation, from the bottom to the surface, how do we spray, car spray paint steps?

1, first of all to car sheet metal repair: for the accident car, sheet metal deformation, depression, etc., need to repair the formation.

2, polished to remove the old paint: grinding machine can be polished paper p180 clearance,

3, cleaning cloth wet degreaser wipe the surface degreasing, immediately with another cloth to dry

4, spray two-component Epoxy Primer, mainly played a rust and fill the substrate, increase the adhesion of the substrate.

5, after the epoxy primer dry,sand the side with sandpaper P240 edge, scratch coated with atomic ash, sandpaper P180 polished P320 fine grinding, scraping atomic ash and grinding is a manual technique, slow work fine work, be sure to smooth formation .

6, after the atomic layer of ash spray primer spray, the general spray 2 times, after drying P800 sandpaper polished.

7, spray paint

8, completed

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