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The sollution of the Car Paints cracking

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First, if the car paints cracking primer, it is recommended to paint sheet metal bar, after all, if you do not paint, sheet metal easy to rust, then the trouble.

Two: car paints cracking after renovation:

The use of cars have a certain number of years, car paints aging, fading, cracking and other phenomena, you need to refurbish the car paints. Reasons for cracking after renovation are as


1, the quality of the paint itself is a problem, cracking of the atomic layer of ash led to the finish also followed by cracking.

2, improper surface treatment of the substrate, the substrate itself has cracks, grinding is not complete on the spray paint.

3, the painter in the mixed paint, the ratio is not correct, insufficient diluent.

4, paint the whole spray too thick, the worse the cold, the easier cracking.

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