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How to maintain the Automotive Paints

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Automotive Paints are very important to the car owner.It is usually made by Chemical Coating

1, waxing: The main role is to remove the surface of the Automotive Paints dirt, water, acid rain, increase the brightness of automotive paint

2, polishing: polishing agent is used with abrasive particles in the polishing machine under the action of friction with the Automotive Paints, clear surface dirt, the polished smooth,

remove fine scratches.

3, through a special machine will be glazed into the car paint interior, and then form a mesh of protective layer, his main role is to isolate the UV, blocking the air to prevent Automotive

Paints oxidation, but also to prevent acid rain on the car paint damage.When painting you the Car Paint Matting is necessary too.

4, coating

car paint



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