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How To Spray White Pearl Paint?

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Automotive white pearl, one of the pearl colors(base coat colors), paint using three processes: white base coat+ pearl + varnish.
White base coat: White pearls being good or not, depends on the white background; the smoother and more delicate the white base coat, the less likely the white pearls will be spent. White base coat generally use 1K pure white, that is, one-component white paint, thin material diluted a little, wet spray two times, each time blow dry, do not throw the gun, the smoother the better. Be careful not to use poor quality thinner, otherwise it will look very numb.
White Pearl: The pearl is also a dilute point, and it is spread evenly twice, that is, it floats twice. Note that the gun should be uniform.

Cover varnish: It is also two times, the first time can be used fog spray, to prevent bite the bottom, not too thick, there is a little light, the second time we must spray, emit light brightness, take the gun to be uniform, check the flatness and fullness, if not enough, fill the gun virtual spray again.

pearl colors(base coat colors)



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