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Important Issues In Automotive Painting Systems (A)

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1. The painting system can be thought of starting from the spraying of paint on the gun to the surface of the car body, but after the paint is atomized by the spray gun, only part of the paint is actually applied on the car body surface. Whether it is epoxy primer or clear coat series or other paints. The ratio of the amount of paint applied to the vehicle body surface to the total amount sprayed by the gun is defined as the paint application efficiency.

2. The coating efficiency about 50%~60% means that the remaining 40%~50% of the overspray must be captured before being emitted to the external environment. Due to the large amount of paint used, the use of water treatment or wet purification systems is the preferred method of capture. The ratio of the amount of overspray paint captured to the total amount of paint entering the capture system is defined as overspray paint capture efficiency.

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