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Important Problems in Automotive Painting Systems (B)

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1.MF1K solid colors (basecoat colors) are commonly used primers in GOODSIF  series auto paints. After the body is painted, the wet film on the car body surface needs to be dried or cured. The drying process is usually carried out in a drying room with infrared or hot air convection. Consuming the least amount of energy to cure the varnish on the car body surface to obtain the highest quality coating product is another important topic. It is called the dryness rate of the coating surface, which is related to the environment and coating quality.

2. Paint slag produced by the overspray capture system will be collected and processed. Some of the paint and purified water components will be recycled and reused. Others will be treated as waste residue. The use of the best costs for recycling or recycling as much of the constituents of paint waste as possible and safe and environmentally friendly treatment of waste slags are another important topic, referred to as waste paint treatment and recycling.

MF1K solid colors (basecoat colors)



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