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Important Issues in Automotive Painting Systems (C)

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1. Extra fast clear coat is commonly used varnish in BOYET series. VOCs and other gases that are originally dissolved in paint and paint mist treatment circulating water will be released during spraying, wet defoaming, paint film curing, and paint residue treatment and reuse. These environmentally harmful gases need to be released. After being collected and oxidized, it can be discharged into the atmosphere. The harmful effects of VOCs on human health in paints have been studied recently. Some of these emissions can be classified as greenhouse gases that affect global warming. Controlling and reducing the production of greenhouse gases and the release of VOCs by effective oxidative treatment are another important topic, referred to as VOC and greenhouse gas emissions issues.

2. In order to ensure the final product, a painted vehicle body meets or exceeds the requirements of the automobile manufacturer and satisfies the customer's expectations, and it is necessary to constantly monitor the quality of the coating. Finding the right way to accomplish these goals is a matter of surface appearance monitoring.

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