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What Is The Composition Of Car Paint?

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The first thing to know is that auto paint is that it is not a separate entity. It is a paint on the surface of a car. It is made up of different paint layers.
Automobile manufacturers generally use one-component amino baking paint as the basecoat colors and top coat. Film-forming substances need to be baked at a high temperature of 170°C. to achieve the required hardness and adhesion, and the performance is very good, high gloss, bright and beautiful. The gilt metal plays a very good decorative and protective role. The main components are amino resins, hydroxyl resins, pigments, additives, solvents and so on. Need to be sprayed through multiple processes.

Another type of auto paint is automotive refinish paint. If the car is opened for a long time, if the paint is scratched, auto repair paint is needed. The paint is acrylic paint. The main components are acrylic resin, pigment, auxiliaries, solvents, etc. It is formulated to have excellent weather resistance, high gloss, high fullness and other characteristics.

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