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Differences Between Primer Spray Guns And Topcoat Spray Guns And Point Repair Primer Paint Spray Guns

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1.Paint and primer spray gun sector contrast
The top coat has a low spraying viscosity, requires fine atomization, and has a uniform color and fullness. Therefore, the nozzle has a small aperture, the spray nozzle atomizes to widen, and the spray spread is dispersed. The primer paint has a high viscosity and requires uniform atomization, smoothness, and easy grinding. Therefore, the nozzle has a large bore diameter, a large central area of the spray, and a concentrated spray pattern.

2.Differences between topcoat spray and point repair spray guns: The repair spray guns used for undercoat paints generally use mini guns with caliber between 0.8~1.2mm, and the spray width is less than that of top paint spray guns. While the paint has good atomization effect, it can effectively control the spread of paint mist. Eliminate paint defects.

Viscosity: In general, the higher the viscosity, the thicker the paint, the lower the viscosity, the thinner the paint.

Base paint: The base paint is the paint layer that shows the color of the car. The varnish layer is the base paint layer.

Primer: Epoxy primer, medium primer.

Topcoat: Generally base paint(basecoat colors) and varnish.

Epoxy primer



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