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What Is The Price Of Clear Coat?

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Acrylic automotive clear coat belong to the outermost protective paint for automotive refinish with high gloss, high brightness and fullness and other characteristics.
Different concentrations of car varnish prices will be different. For example, the market price of Maschine auto varnish, such as suit of BYT clear coat series (5 liters of varnish + 2.5 liters of hardener + 1 litre of hardener), the best set of high clear coat is 540 yuan, with high hardness and fullness, its quality can be comparable to imported clear coat. It is mainly suitable for high-end cars, due to high concentration, after the paint is recommended temperature baked, to increase the drying speed.

The cheapest low-grade varnish is relatively cheap, and the set is 348 yuan, which is mainly applicable to low-end automobiles, trucks and other aspects. Each clear coat manufacturer will generally develop four or five different varnish for different customers. Of course, the price of each manufacturer will also be different, but it is almost within this range.

BYT Clear Coat Series



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