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What Causes The Clear Coat To Fall Off?

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1.It may be spray paint after the direct clear coat did not dry.
2.It may be that the paint has been dried for too long. It will also be exfoliated if it is not polished directly. Because any paint must be polished before it is sprayed, the clear coat will be more firmly adhered to the primer layer.

3.Clear coat series has a different solid content, different clear coat matching the corresponding curing agent, if the clear coat and the corresponding curing agent ratio is not correct, the adhesion will also have an impact. For example, if the curing agent content is high and the clear coat concentration is low, then the varnish clear coat layer will become brittle and tend to fall off when combined. Therefore, do not use clear coat, do not use curing agent at random, and use an appropriate curing agent.

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