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Is Car Extra Fast Clear Coat Toxic?

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Car extra fast clear coat is a clear coating of resin plus solvent, with resin as the main film forming material. The main harmful substances of automobile varnish are derived from solvents, which are generally benzene series, ketone series and ester series. The varnish has a large odor and does not represent a great toxicity. The solvent content is high, but the odor is small, the harm is great, the resin content is high, the smell is large, but the harm is small. The solvent in the varnish will generally evaporate during the drying of the paint film. Therefore, it is generally not a problem for paint practitioners to take protective measures during production and painting.

Car clear coat series are classified by variety: they are divided into acrylic varnish, alkyd varnish, nitro lacquer, phenolic varnish, fluorocarbon varnish, and polyurethane varnish. Nowadays, the market mainstream automotive repair varnish is acrylic varnish. Compared with other types of varnish, besides the paint film performance meets all requirements, it is more environmentally friendly and less harmful.



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