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Do You Know The "Four Paint And Three Baking" Car Paint?

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In the original car paint coating layer, in addition to the color paint layer does not need to be baked, the other three paint layers need to be baked, people call this coating process "four paint and three baking."
Baking temperature needs to reach above 170°C. I heard that there are car paint manufacturers using "three painted and two baked" to remove the middle coating layer.

Car paint repair coating is generally five layers of paint, but the material used is different. They are: epoxy primer layer, atomic ash layer, (primary coat layer), color paint layer, and varnish layer. Why do I put parentheses in the middle of the primer? It's because some of the irregularities are replaced with red ash for cost savings, or even omitted. Therefore, for car paint repair, cheap goods are not good, good live is not cheap.

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