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How To Protect Car Paint?

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As an automotive paint manufacturer, here are some examples of how we should protect our car paints in China daily for you.
1, Try not to let the car exposure. Although automotive paints have good weatherability and UV resistance, paints will age and fade over time.
2, Don't wash your car under the sun. Don't wash your car immediately after the sun exposure. This often leads to paint cracking.
3, After the rain to develop the habit of car wash, rain and can not play the role of car wash, but there will be corrosion paint, because the rain is acidic. Rinse with rain immediately.

4, Foreign bodies such as birds, gums, etc. must be removed in time, which are also corrosive. It is advisable to use a soft sponge on the car at any time to wipe foreign matter on the paint. Use dry cloth and dry towels as little as possible.

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