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Car Paint Blisters

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The paint on the new car certainly does not have the phenomenon of bubbles, and the bubbles in the car paint are all phenomena that after the car is repainted and refurbished. There are many reasons for foaming. The most likely cause is the effect of moisture.

The first is that after the car is painted, the moisture is in the paint film. When it is hot, it needs to evaporate. It will form a pressure bulge on the surface of the car paint, that is, blisters. When it is cold, the air bubbles will disappear. With the thermal expansion and contraction is the same reason, this situation is mostly due to painter improper operation, such as drying after the water mill is not enough, the substrate oil removal using gasoline instead of oil removal agent, the automotive pearl color primer is not the right mix!

The second situation is that the quality of Auto Primer Surfacer is unqualified, because when the air is wet, water vapor can easily invade the paint. When the temperature rises, the paint film on the surface shuts off the moisture inside, and the water vapor evaporates. After it does not come out, the paint surface is bulging, that is, foaming.

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