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Car Repair Paint Applied Method

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Car repair paint, scratch repair, divided into two kinds:
First, it is their own spray paint repair: This kind of car paint China repair is for the kind of local scratches, the area is not, did not hurt the paint in the case, you can use their own repair, conveniently and fast. The repair process is as follows:
1, to determine the size of scratches, select the appropriate repair program;
2, cleaning scratches, dry;
3, sanding scratches to remove burrs and rust
4, fill the ash on the scratch and flatten;
5, after drying 800# sandpaper rubbed with water back and forth;
6, then use 2000# sandpaper and water to smooth (must be polished smooth)
7, make up the paint pen plus 3 drops of the diluent shake, and then install sprinkler irrigation.
8, sweep the spray evenly on the scratches 3 to 5 times, each time should be spaced 3 minutes (that is, flash dry time)
9, sprayed with gold oil (ie varnish) after drying, about 3 times
10, gold oil to spray greater than the paint range.

11.Drying is completed.

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