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How To Check The Car Paint Scratches If Hurt The Paint Or Not?

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The automotive paints was marked with a big mark. The most important thing was that check it if hurt the paint. In this case, how can we obverse automotive plastic primer?
To know that the automotive plastic primer is generally gray, carefully observe the deepest point of the scratch. If the primer is injured, it means that the air can easily erode the sheet metal and cause oxidative rust. If the primer is okay, it is not very serious. It is best to deal with it in time. Although the air is not easy to erode, it is not totally impossible. Because the primer has been exposed, the protection capability has been greatly reduced, and erosion is only a matter of time. If the scratch is on the bumper, then the problem is not serious, because the plastic bumper is not a problem with rust. It only affects the appearance.
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