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How To Do After Hurting The Car Paint?

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Repair proposal: scratches are very deep, or sheet metal spray paint it, the sooner the better. If the scratches are not large or deep, it will only affect the appearance, you can repair it in the end.
Car paint local scratch repair: you need to scrape gold ash, then spray in the primer, topcoat. If the topcoat is a metallic paint, it needs a layer of varnish. If it is a 2K primer surfacer, it will not be used. The primer has strong adhesion to the substrate, filling the substrate with dents and large scratches. To make the paint more even, so that the paint sprayed on the top of the paint better, the paint is divided into metallic paint and plain paint, metal paint is no gloss, need to spray a layer of high-gloss transparent varnish protection, and Paint is a high-gloss paint. Without metal particles, it does not have varnish.
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