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The Development of Automotive Refinish Paint

Now the global automotive refinish market is in the growth stage, the global market reached 4.93 billion dollars in 2012, up 7.7% over the previous year. By 2019, the market will reach $ 9.99 billion, the average annual growth rate of 9.8%, the growth momentum is mainly due to the strong growth in the Asia-Pacific region and other developing countries. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the strict re

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Application of Matting Agent

Matting paint is a kind of coating additive, bringing expected roughness on coat surface and decrease the surface gloss. Its principal: There are very fine suspended solids dispersed in the coating film. These suspended solids would spread over the film, reducing the specular light film surface and achieve the extinction effect of a rough surface. Its main products include metal soap, wax, and functional pigments such as dia

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How Many Layers of Car Paint?

General new car has 4 layers of paint: 1.Electrophoretic paint layer: electrophoretic paint layer coating is the whole body place into the swimming pool, no dead angle roll invasion, the main role is rust, it is the bottom of the body rust. 2.The primer layer: The primer layer play the role of filling, filled with some depression and small flaws. As the paint layer and electrophoretic paint layer isolation layer, can i

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The history of automotive paints refinish

Speaking of automotive paints refinish, about 1925, the use of natural resin enamel, followed by nitrocellulose, medium oil alkyd paint, 1940 spray construction process instead of brush construction. The solvent-based two-component polyurethane coating system entered the market in about 1970 and became the leading resin system for automotive refinish coatings. We are auto coating manufacturers. We also prov

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Six important issues in automotive paints spray systems

1. The automotive paints system can be conceived to start from the spray gun to the surface of the vehicle body. After the car paint is atomized by the spray gun, only part of the paint is actually applied to the surface of the vehicle body. The ratio of the amount of paint applied to the surface of the vehicle to the total amount sprayed by the spray gun is defined as the paint application efficiency. 2, 50% -60% of

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How To Polish 2K Primer Surfacer?

If you don't polish the auto coatings, you'll be paralyzed. For 2K primer surfacer, polishing is more difficult, especially 2K car black paint, because the wax is easy to fly off. Here's how to throw it: Polished before polishing, and then polishing coarse wax, polishing machine open 2 files to the wax evenly over the need to polish the part, and then gradually increase the speed to 4 files, press the pressure from the b

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How Long Does It Take To Paint Your Car?

Many owners think that painting is not so complicated. They want painters to help them quickly. The quicker the car paints, the worse it will be for you. It usually takes a long time to prepare for painting, cleaning, newspapers, 1K primer surfacer, but also to do anti-rust treatment of silver colors basecoat, that is spray epoxy primer. It is composed of many single paint layers, rust-proof epoxy primer, atomic gold

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Spray Auto Paints Did Not Bite-Coloring, Spray a Second Varnish On The Bite-Coloring

First of all, I think that everyone should learn to analyze. There are several factors that affect the occurrence of bite-coloring about the auto paints: 1, not dried out; 2, the paint layer does not match; 3, paint adhesion is not good; 4, a spray is too thick; 5, car paint thinner problem. Everyone can use exclusion: if you have been using the same brand before There was no problem with the material, and this time it w

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How To Deal With Car Refinish Paints Interface?

Dealing with the car refinish paints interface, we could do as following: 1. Use a polishing machine to throw the entire finished panel (do not sand with two thousand sandpapers) and throw away the rust and stain on the paint film. 2. Degreasing with degreasing agent and removing wax. 3. Polishing with 2000 sandpaper, the area is greater than the range of 10cm 4. After grinding, spraying the background paint,

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How To Do After Hurting The Car Paint?

Repair proposal: scratches are very deep, or sheet metal spray paint it, the sooner the better. If the scratches are not large or deep, it will only affect the appearance, you can repair it in the end. Car paint local scratch repair: you need to scrape gold ash, then spray in the primer, topcoat. If the topcoat is a metallic paint, it needs a layer of varnish. If it is a 2K primer surfacer, it will not be used. The pri

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How To Check The Car Paint Scratches If Hurt The Paint Or Not?

The automotive paints was marked with a big mark. The most important thing was that check it if hurt the paint. In this case, how can we obverse automotive plastic primer? To know that the automotive plastic primer is generally gray, carefully observe the deepest point of the scratch. If the primer is injured, it means that the air can easily erode the sheet metal and cause oxidative rust. If the primer is okay, it is

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What If The Car Paint Destroys?

If it is a small scratch, on the surface of the car paint, it is generally possible to polish and wax at a car beauty shop. If the 1K primer surfacer has been exposed, the car body is exposed with a primer. It is best to repair it. Because the body is metal, once the primer is exposed, the protection against the sheet metal is lower than before, and the front and rear bumpers are usually plastic. Whether it is the body or the

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Car Repair Paint Applied Method

Car repair paint, scratch repair, divided into two kinds: First, it is their own spray paint repair: This kind of car paint China repair is for the kind of local scratches, the area is not, did not hurt the paint in the case, you can use their own repair, conveniently and fast. The repair process is as follows: 1, to determine the size of scratches, select the appropriate repair program; 2, cleaning scratches, dry; 3, sanding

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Classification Of Automotive Paints

1. Silver powder paint: aluminum powder is added to the automotive paints, belonging to metallic paint. 2. Pearl automotive paint: Add pearl powder in it. It Belongs to metallic paint. 3. Non-metallic paint: It is a car paint without metal powder, belonging to ordinary paint. 4. Plain paint: no other color tone, the most typical is: white, black, big red, yellow, are ordinary paint. 5. Solid color paint: bright finish, you can

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Do You Know The Type Of Car Paint?

1. Metallic paint: As far as metal is concerned, as long as there is metal powder (aluminum powder, pearl powder, etc.) in the car paint, it can be called metal paint—car metal paint, with harder hardness and sparkling particles. 2. Ordinary automotive paints: paint with the opposite of metal paint, no metal powder paint. Common, such as white, black; White if you add pearl powder to white pearls, belong to the metal paint, bu

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Are You Clear What Is The Car Paint?

There are two kinds of automobile spray paint: one is automobile paint on the frame and car shell when it is producing automobile, which belongs to automobile original paint; the other is automobile paint repair on the original paint, when the car is original plant paint aging, cracking defects and changes to the body color, etc., to re-paint the body paint repair, also known as car refinish paint. First, the original car pain

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