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The Development of Automotive Refinish Paint

Now the global automotive refinish market is in the growth stage, the global market reached 4.93 billion dollars in 2012, up 7.7% over the previous year. By 2019, the market will reach $ 9.99 billion, the average annual growth rate of 9.8%, the growth momentum is mainly due to the strong growth in the Asia-Pacific region and other developing countries. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the strict re

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Application of Matting Agent

Matting paint is a kind of coating additive, bringing expected roughness on coat surface and decrease the surface gloss. Its principal: There are very fine suspended solids dispersed in the coating film. These suspended solids would spread over the film, reducing the specular light film surface and achieve the extinction effect of a rough surface. Its main products include metal soap, wax, and functional pigments such as dia

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How Many Layers of Car Paint?

General new car has 4 layers of paint: 1.Electrophoretic paint layer: electrophoretic paint layer coating is the whole body place into the swimming pool, no dead angle roll invasion, the main role is rust, it is the bottom of the body rust. 2.The primer layer: The primer layer play the role of filling, filled with some depression and small flaws. As the paint layer and electrophoretic paint layer isolation layer, can i

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What is the Difference Between Car Paint?

1. Car paint from Auto Paints Supplier is different from other paints. Because of the high price of the car itself, and the experience of spring, summer, autumn and winter, the performance of the car paint is extremely high. The car paint not only has good mechanical properties, but also good fullness. High gloss, good adhesion, high hardness, strong scratch resistance, and excellent weather resistance, scratch resistance, g

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What if the paint gets scratched?

General small abrasions, Car Refinish Paint surface scars, scars white. That's the surface of the paint scratched. There's no need to repaint. Light by Automotive Chemical Manufacturers, use sand wax or apply it several times. Heavy, just polish it. More serious, you can see the color of the undercoat (a lot of times, the undercoat is dark). Well, look again at the scar. Generally, the bumpers, rearview mirrors and the rims

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Do You Know The Reason Why the Paint Film Falls Off?

As a Automotive Paint Company, we want to say the cause of falling off of automobile paint film: (1) each paint layer should be polished before spraying, because the polishing can make the paint from Car Coatings Companies adhere to it better and integrate it together (different paint layers are polished with different sandpaper). (2) we are spraying metallic paint, spray paint from Car Paint Thinner Suppliers or silver metall

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Car Paint in Storage for Too Long this Problem, You Meet Many?

Precipitation: refers to the phenomenon of partial precipitation in the process of storage or use of automobile paint such as Auto Refinish Paint, which is called precipitation. The main reasons are as follows: (1) excessive padding used in automobile paint such as Automotive Paint Degreaser; The difference between pigment and resin density is too large. (2) pigment reacts with resin to form sediment; (3) the storage time is t

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A Common Problem With Car Paint During Storage - Thickening

Car paint such as Pearl Colors Base coat from manufacturers to end users to use, to store a good period of time. This presents the problem: thickening, refers to the car paint in storage or use in the process of increasing viscosity, until the upper limit of the technical indicators known as thickening. Main causes: (1) the pigment in the paint is different from the acidic and alkaline of the resin, and the reaction ge

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How to paint the front cover of the car

Using the Automotive paint to Spray the front cover of the car, silver powder is easy to spray, varnish guns are easy to leak, easy to spray thick, these problems are very common for novices, but as long as you master the skills, you can solve many problems in the front cover. As shown in FIG: Centered on the centerline AB, the left side of the station (or the right side), from the middle AB line to the left side of t

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How can you save the incomplete car paint

When you usually adjust the paint, there will definitely be more than enough paint for the car. How can you save the incomplete Automotive Paints? For incomplete Automotive Refinish Paint, first of all, to find out whether the endless automotive paint is two-component (2K) or one-component (1K), because the two-component is required to add curing agent, the single component is not used. Add curing agent. 1. Two-compone

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What should we do if the Auto Coatings is not finished

When you usually adjust the Auto Coatings, there will definitely be more than enough paint for the car. How can you save the incomplete Car Refinish Paint? For incomplete automotive paints, first of all, to find out whether the endless automotive paint is two-component (2K) or one-component (1K), because the two-component is required toadd curing agent, the single component is not used. Add curing agent. 1. Two-component

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Part 2- Causes of pinholes in Auto Coatings

If the dissolving ability of the diluent is too strong, that is, using a diluent that is too fast to dry, it is easy to break through the paint film to form small pinholes, and different types of thinners should be used according to the ambient temperature. For example, in the summer, using a quick-drying thinner, the Auto Coatings film is particularly prone to problems. after the paint film is sprayed, the temperatur

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Part 1-Reasons for pinholes in car paints

After the car paints are sprayed and dried, the surface of the paint film appears like needle-shaped holes or pores like leather. This phenomenon is called pinhole. The surface of the paint film is pitted and the depth can reach the bottom layer. 1. When the Automotive Paints is painted, the paint film is sprayed too thick. Generally, it is three times, but if you spray it four or five times, it is very likely that pinhol

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Coloring Techniques For Automotive Coatings

We are the Automotive Coatings Manufacturer, let me tell you how to adjust the color you want. Coloring techniques for Automotive Coatings: As with other paints, the color of the car paint is based on the color of the sample or sample of the paint. The general method of blending is as follows. 1. First, pay attention to the clean environment of the coloring place, fire safety, and prepare color matching containers,

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Automotive Primer Performance And Classification

The Automotive Primer is the first coat applied directly to the surface of the surface-pretreated substrate. The role of the primer is to prevent rust and enhance the adhesion of the topcoat to the substrate. Not only that, but the primer also has a great influence on the quality of the vehicle body coating and the decorative properties. The choice of automotive repairing primer should be determined according to the type

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Types And Development Of Automotive Paints

Types of Automotive Paints: water-based paint, solvent-based paint, powder coating, brush coating, spray coating, roller coating, dip coating, primer, intermediate coating, topcoat, decorative coating, anti-corrosion coating, conductive coating, anti-rust coating, resistant High temperature coatings, temperature coatings, thermal insulation coatings, fire retardant coatings, waterproof coatings, sound insulation damping

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