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Performance of Automotive clear coat

Automotive clear coat is the most outer protective layer of automotive paints. It is used together with single-component primer paint. Spray finish paint and then spray varnish,there also has Solid Colors Basecoat. Commonly known as Automotive clear coat, to provide protection and decorative effect for the primer. The Automotive clear coat has high gloss and UV resistance and other properties.

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What is the paint thinner

The main role of Automotive Paints thinner is to adjust the spray viscosity of automotive paint, without thinner car paint, it is difficult to spray out, and the spray is lump, rough. but if you add a thinner, then Not the same, thinner it can dissolve the car paint, promote leveling, the paint film more smooth We also can supply 1K Primer Surfacer.If you are interested,welcome to contact us.

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How to maintain the Automotive Paints

Automotive Paints are very important to the car owner.It is usually made by Chemical Coating 1, waxing: The main role is to remove the surface of the Automotive Paints dirt, water, acid rain, increase the brightness of automotive paint 2, polishing: polishing agent is used with abrasive particles in the polishing machine under the action of friction with the Automotive Paints, clear surface dirt, the polished smooth,

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Characteristics of Auto Silver Colors Basecoat

Who do car palette spray paint will know that Auto Sliverr Colors Bosacoat has good ability to hide, this is because the hiding added metal - aluminum, it should be noted that the flake, they are dispersed in the car paint and floating inside, but also with the substrate parallel , Linked to each other to form a continuous layer of silver powder, covering the substrate. Isolation of external moisture, gas and o

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Features of Auto Pearl Colors Basecoat

Car paints are various,different car paint will play a different role. The following are the features of Auto Pearl Colors Basecoat As a rainbow in general, compared to silver paint, decorative effects have significant differences. 1, soft pearl luster: looks very soft. 2, flashing metal effect: Pearlescent Auto Coatings before going through the coloring treatment, you can get different flash effects. It looks more

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What is the Auto Pearl Colors Basecoat

Auto Pearl Colors Basecoat is added mica paint in the paint, surface of this kind of mica with different thickness of titanium dioxide, iron oxide and other inorganic oxides, withtranslucency, the light irradiation, the light will be broken down into a variety of colors reflected, As a rainbow, this is Automotive Pearl Color Primer. Features of Auto Pearl Colors Basecoat: such as the rainbow in general, compared to Auto S

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The sollution of the Car Paints cracking

First, if the car paints cracking primer, it is recommended to paint sheet metal bar, after all, if you do not paint, sheet metal easy to rust, then the trouble. Two: car paints cracking after renovation: The use of cars have a certain number of years, car paints aging, fading, cracking and other phenomena, you need to refurbish the car paints. Reasons for cracking after renovation are as follows: 1, the qual

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Merry Christmas to you

Christmas is the birthday of Jesus, translated as "the Mass of Christ", the traditional Western festival, December 25 each year. Mass is a kind of liturgy of the church. Christmas is a religious festival, because it is celebrated as Jesus' birthday, hence the name is "Christmas." Most Catholic churches will hold Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve 24, the early morning of December 25, while some Christian churches will hold th

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Steps of spraying Automotive Paints

Automotive paints are composed of multiple lacquers, when repair car paints and renovation, from the bottom to the surface, how do we spray, car spray paint steps? 1, first of all to car sheet metal repair: for the accident car, sheet metal deformation, depression, etc., need to repair the formation. 2, polished to remove the old paint: grinding machine can be polished paper p180 clearance, 3, cleaning cloth wet deg

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Where is the car paint color number

Car paint color number is the car manufacturer's car color code for each launch,basically speaking, each car has its own color number, on behalf of the car's color. General signs are embedded in a corner of the car, different brands of cars, the location will be different. General signs can see, pay attention to the above paint color is the color code below. Some domestic cars do not have color number, color number is gen

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What cause the Automotive clear coat begain to peel off

1,there may be directly paint automotive clear coat,not wait the car paints spray dry , it is estimated the next day a piece can be torn off, If you do not believe,you can try; 2,it is possible that the car paints has done too long, no polishing directly on the paint will produce shedding phenomenon, because any paint before spraying must be polished, varnish adsorption in the primer layer will be more solid. 3, varnis

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Perfect Automechanika Shanghai 2017

We are professional Car Paints Manufacturers also Auto Coatings Manufacturers.Guangzhou Zhenroumei Chemical Coating Limited. to participate in the Automechanika Shanghai 2017, Maintenance Testing and Diagnostic Equipment and Services Products Exhibition. To make overseas customers experience the best products and services from China Zhenroumei Chemical Coating Limited. Automechanika Shanghai(AMS) Exhibition is an int

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How to protect car paint

We are professional Auto Coatings Manufacturers with rich experience.I will always share little tips with you and welcome to follow me.Hope to receive your suggestion.Then i will talk about how to protect car paint? Cart paints are various include Automotive Paints,industrial paints.When painting we also need automotive degreaser. Car paint protection projects (waxing, polishing, sealing glaze, coating), the maintenanc

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How to spray white Pearl Automotive Paint

When spray white Pearl Automotive Paint using three processes: white + pearl + varnish.Car paint ofthen need auto clear coat,automotive degreaser and so on.Do you know how to spray white Pearl Automotive Paint?The following are the steps. White: white Pearl Automotive Paint spray good or bad, depending on the white, white more smooth and delicate, the more difficult the white pearl flowers. White pearl: pearl is ag

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How to spray silver car paint powder

We are professional Auto Paints Manufacturer,also China Car Paints Manufacturers.We have rich knowledge in car paints.The following i will share some knowledge about how to spray silver car paint powder. In general Spray silver need to paint three times , the first adopt wet spray method paint two times , the last time adopt dry spray,it cna spray out the fine,bright, flash silver particles! Some people may say that wet s

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Is the Automotive clear coat toxic?

When painting the car,we also need not only one car paint.Car paints are various like Automotive Car Paints,metallic auto paint with different uses.We are China Car Paints Manufacturers who with rich experience.I will always share some tips about car paints for you. Automotive clear coat is a resin plus solvent transparent coating, resin as the main film. Automotive clear coat can not be called toxic and non-toxic, its ma

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