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The blistering reasons of Car paint

The new car paint certainly does not exist the phenomenon of bubbles, After the car refurbished to Re-painting the car may occur the car paint bubbles. There are many reasons for the blistering, the most likely cause is the impact of moisture. The first is after the car paint, the water inside the paint film, When the heat is encountered it needs to evaporate, it will form a pressure on the surface of the car paint drums,

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China (Macau) Automotive Fair 2017

As a high techenology enterprise specializing in researching, producing, marketing auto paints, industrial paints with more than 15 years and has become one of the largest automotive coatings manufacture in China.we will attend China (Macau) Automotive Fair 2017. The current Macao supplies exhibition will be adhering to the positioning that is “One Belt One Road” strategy to create Asia’s import export platform," of

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How to adjust the car paints

Completely grasp the car paints color needs a long time to accumulate, not early in the morning. Specific tone details need to be mastered in practice. First, the car paints color is the same as our painting color, the most basic three primary colors that is red, yellow and blue; Second,the second to master is the direction of each car paint masterbatch, that is, the trend of hue.Because the hue of each color is not th

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How to Avoid Lacquer Putty During Painting?

1, Use good quality atomic ash, then the emergence of putty printing and light loss and other defects could be avoided. 2, Use high quality dual component primer and coat primer with appropriate layers. 3, The formula that should be provided by the licensed manufacturing plant, the ratio of the primary ash to the curing agent is precisely formulated. 4, If the new spray two-component film to fill, m

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Foaming Causes of Automotive Paint

New car paint must not exist foaming phenomenon, which will happen after automotive paint when the car needs renovation. There are many kinds of foaming causes, the most likely cause is affected by water. The first is that after the car painting, water stays the film inside, which will evaporate when meet hot air, thus it will give pressure on the surface, that is foaming. When cold, that is to s

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How to Distinguish Peal Automotive Paint and Silver Colors Basecoat

Metal paint including pure silver colors basecoat and pure pearl automotive paint. The distinction: (1) Silver colors basecoat is composed of numerous pieces of opaque gray aluminum sheet. When the sun light shine on its surface, a single gray could be reflected only. Pearl automotive paint contains many different thickness of the translucent mica sheet. Due to its translucency, so w

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How to Solve The Car Paint Uplift?

Car paint film uplift causes: 1.the use of improper diluent: In the case of quick drying on the surface of the film, the inside solvent can not be properly evaporated, it will lead to the paint layer from the paint uplift; 2.the bottom is not clean: The oil remaining on the bottom surface is not clean, resulting in spray paint can not be attached to the surface of the object; 3.the second spray interval is too short: did not g

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How to Maintain Car Body in Autumn

Car body can be hurt easily in Autumn. Do you know how to maintain it? Exterior of the car: Due to the summer monsoon rain shower, especially the corrosive of the acid in the rain and the summer glare, the paint surface of the car will inevitably be oxidized and corroded. Before the time of new season, it is advised to do a series of cosmetic treatments for the car surface from cleaning and polishing to waxing, glazin

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How to Maintain the Paint Surface of Different Colors

Automobile has become an indispensable transportation tool in daily life. How to maintain the car paint surface also became the hot topic. Black is the number one color that gets dirty easily. According to this feature, in the process of the usual maintenance, vehicles should be parked in relatively clean parking places and avoid direct sunlight. It is recommended the use of car covers at ordinary times

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The Role of Car Varnish Lay

Car varnish layer has two roles: one is to increase the brightness and brightness of paint, and the other is to protect the paint layer. Its characteristics are the following four points: 1. Car clear paint generally contains a protective function to reduce the UV radiation, as long as the varnish layer is intact, it can effectively delay the aging of car paint. 2. The original use of the original varnish materia

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Why Use Plastic Primer?

This question is often asked by many fiends. Why use plastic primer while we painting our cars? What are the effects on earth? Let’s talk about today. Definition: Plastic primer is the first painting when we paint our cars. The finish of following paints treatment would be based on it. Characteristic: Single-component transparent fast drying primer, used to promote adhesion of paint system to plas

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The Secret of Automotive Paints Color

The main stream automotive paint color is popular that others, such as white, black and grey. Certainly, these colors look more beautiful and elegant. Do you know the differences between the paint colors? 1. Which color could be taken good care of easily? It would save much time owning an easy-clean color as our cars run outdoors every day. Most people may think that black is the best choose for e

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The History of Auto Coatings

Paint was applied by man in the early days of the automobile industry. It needs weeks at room temperature to get dry. People applied primitive oil-based enamel or varnish primer and finish coatings by brush! These finishes had somewhat poor opacity which required numerous coats. These coatings did not withstand weather and sunlight very well and tended to become dry and brittle before long. As mass production of cars st

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The Use of Car Varnish

Broadly speaking, paint-free transparent paint is called car varnish. Car paint varnish is mainly used with the background paint, in the process it is inseparable with the base paint, generally spray the first car paint primer, and then spray varnish, the varnish provides gloss and a protective layer for the base paint. Base paint is generally metallic flash paint, paint can not be too thick (usually 10-15 microns) otherwise

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The Characteristics of Car Pearl Paint

Car pearl paint like a rainbow, compared to silver paint, decorative effects are significantly different. Car pearl paint has soft pearl luster: Mica sheet pearlescent pigments in the film is arranged in the rules of orientation, it has the pearl effect under the light of the irradiation, looks very soft. It has flashing metal effect: Pearlescent pigments are added to the paint before they are colored to achieve different flas

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The Reason for The Cracking of Automotive Paint After Renovation

The use of cars for a certain period of time, car paint will occur aging, fading, cracking and other phenomena, we need to refurbish the car paint. There are several possible reasons for cracking after refurbishment: 1.The quality of the paint itself is a problem, the atomic layer of gray layer cracking also led to cracking. 2.Substrate surface treatment is improper, the substrate itself has cracks, grinding is not completely

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