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What Kinds of Automotive Refinish?

At present, automobile paint is generally baking paint, car repair paint is mainly used to repair the car paint scratches, can be divided into three categories: ordinary paint, metal paint, pearlescent paint, the grade is increased in turn. Ordinary paint is plain paint, the main components are resins, pigments and additives; In order to pursue the standard color, ordinary paint will not be doped with too much silver. The

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Development history and trend of the automotive repair paint

Speaking of car repair paint, is about 1925 years ago, is the natural resin of enamel, after using the cellulose nitrate, medium oil alkyd resin coating, spraying construction technology to replace brush construction in 1940. Solvent a two-component, polyurethane coating system is about to enter the market in 1970, car repair paint coating has become the dominant resin system, and now, according to the development trend i

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The color of the car paint color classification method and coating process

Car paint color generally can be divided into grey and metallic two kinds of color, color in its color points and can be divided into color and without color, color refers to the color with color: red, yellow, blue, green and other color; No color, such as not to bring color such as white, grey, black color. Metallic color is divided into metallic color and pearl color. Car paint coating process method is the most there are t

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