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Development history and trend of the automotive repair paint

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Speaking of car repair paint, is about 1925 years ago, is the natural resin of enamel, after using the cellulose nitrate, medium oil alkyd resin coating, spraying construction technology to replace brush construction in 1940.

Solvent a two-component, polyurethane coating system is about to enter the market in 1970, car repair paint coating has become the dominant resin system, and now, according to the development trend in order to reduce coating, organic solvent content as the leading direction.

The traditional solvent coating in use process, due to the evaporation of the solvent (VOC), serious pollution of air, is one of the major source of PM2.5. Car repair system in organic solvent is automobile coating process, the major source of VOC emissions. If to water, it can greatly reduce the emissions of organic solvent, abroad, water-based paint if repair coating of the commonly used in automobile industry, will greatly reduce the damage to the environment and the construction personnel repair paint. Now slowly into people's horizons, water-based coatings at present domestic some 4 s shops have been using water-based automotive coatings.

Water-based paint is water-based acrylic emulsion as main film-forming material, is characterized by quick drying, low cost, defect is difficult to mix colors, lacquer layer adhesion is poor, poor water resistance.



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