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Characteristics of Automotive Silver Paint

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Car color paint manufacturers know that the car silver paint hiding power is very good, it is because the silver powder added metal sheet - aluminum, they scattered floating in the paint, and parallel with the substrate, form a continuous silver layer, cover the substrate. Isolate the outside of the water, gas, etc., play a very good shielding effect; The greater the thickness ratio of aluminum powder, the greater the size of hiding power.

The silver powder of the car silver powder has a reflection effect on the light, compared to ordinary paint, so that the surface of the car paint is more flashing, because aluminum powder arranged in parallel, can reflect visible light, ultraviolet light and infrared light 60% to 90%. From the front, the reflected light is the strongest, so the sense of metal is strong. The size of the general aluminum particles determines the size of the reflected light. Silver paint add some other colors to increase the color change effect.

Car Silver Paint



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