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New Car Paint Cracking Causes

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Generally new car paint is no paint cracking situation, if found this situation, it belongs to the automotive paint quality problems, the car after-sales service center will be free re-painted, but If it is natural corrosion, paint is not within the scope of warranty. There are new car paint cracking causes.
1.the car door gap, the roof of car and other car paint is easy to crack, this problem is not serious, because the new door sub-cracks will be coated with sealant, feel soft and flexible, the surface of the paint will be opened, resulting in cracks.
2.the car paint is not good care, such as bird feces stick to the surface of the car paint, or exposure to corrosion, it caused by cracking is also common things. So always clean the paint.
3.the car paint as far as possible not to wash after exposure, the reasons for thermal expansion and contraction should be heard, and often do so easily lead to paint cracking.

4.the quality problems of automotive paint lead to cracking, the paint was repainted again when the car is shipped.

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