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The Characteristics of Car Pearl Paint

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Car pearl paint like a rainbow, compared to silver paint, decorative effects are significantly different.
Car pearl paint has soft pearl luster: Mica sheet pearlescent pigments in the film is arranged in the rules of orientation, it has the pearl effect under the light of the irradiation, looks very soft.
It has flashing metal effect: Pearlescent pigments are added to the paint before they are colored to achieve different flash effects. Under the light of the light, there is a part of the reflected light, most of the light will penetrate the mica sheet to reach the next layer of mica, and repeat the reflection, so that looks more full film.

It will show different degrees of flash look from different angles: Pearlescent pigments are arranged in parallel on the surface of the film, the light will be repeated reflection, penetration, light will occur between the interference, so from a different point of view, the flash effect will be different.



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