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Application of Matting Agent

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Matting paint is a kind of coating additive, bringing expected roughness on coat surface and decrease the surface gloss. Its principal: There are very fine suspended solids dispersed in the coating film. These suspended solids would spread over the film, reducing the specular light film surface and achieve the extinction effect of a rough surface. Its main products include metal soap, wax, and functional pigments such as diatomite, synthetic silica. Suitable matting agent depends on many factors, such as dry film properties, requires transparency, film smoothness, scratch resistance and weatherability. In the coating process, anti excessive grinding, dispersion of good or bad, but also seriously treated.

Matting Agent

The maximum application area of matting agent is in furniture and decorative coating. The use of polyester, polyurethane, poly propionic acid has high glossiness. For car paint matting agent, from an environmental perspective, it meets the requirements of human physiological health and protect your eyes. In order to increase the adhesion of the coating, sometimes use matte paint, such as car base coat and floating coat. In addition, cover up flaws of coat or material is one of the purpose of using matting agent.



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