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What Brand Of Car Clear Coat Is Good?

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The final process of auto repair painting is spray clear coat. Its main function is to improve the brightness of the entire automotive paint film, outdoor weather resistance, UV resistance, and excellent adhesion to protect the aging of the paint film. As automotive clear coat is located in the outermost layer of automotive paint, it is the most vulnerable to environmental erosion and pollution, so what brand of clear coat is good?

First of all, from the decorative point of view, the higher the brightness and fullness of clear coat, the better it is. From a protective point of view, the higher the hardness and weather ability, the better it is, and there is a yellowing resistance. In the end, clear coat is regardless of brand, only grade. MSK-6000 extra fast clear coat is a good one. Each manufacturer's clear coat has a different grade. Generally speaking, your painting object, high-end cars must use high-grade clear coat , of course, and the price is much higher, and it depends on your own choice.



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