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Are You Clear What Is The Car Paint?

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There are two kinds of automobile spray paint: one is automobile paint on the frame and car shell when it is producing automobile, which belongs to automobile original paint; the other is automobile paint repair on the original paint, when the car is original plant paint aging, cracking defects and changes to the body color, etc., to re-paint the body paint repair, also known as car refinish paint.
First, the original car paint is generally used amino high-temperature paint, baking temperature is generally more than 170 °C. The automotive paint is composed of multiple paint layers. The bottom to the top of the painting process are: electrophoretic paint, middle coat primer, auto silver colors basecoat, and transparent varnish layer.
Second, the car paint repair development to the current use of paint is generally acrylic paint, is a low temperature paint (70 °C), as the automotive paint market mainstream paint materials, with excellent weather resistance, high gloss and adhesion.
 Auto Silver Colors Basecoat



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