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How Does The Car Paint Spray?

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Car paint is composed of multiple layers of paint. How do we spray when repairing and refurbishing paints?

1. First of all to repair the car sheet metal: for the accident car, sheet metal deformation, depression, etc., they need to be repaired.

2. Polished to remove the old paint layer: You can use machine sandpaper p180 polished clear.

3. Clean the cloth with a degreasing agent and wipe the surface to remove the oil. Then wipe it off with another cloth.

4.Spraying two-component epoxy primer, mainly play rust and fill the substrate, increase the adhesion to the substrate.

5. After supplier dry car epoxy primer, sand P240 edge look, putty putty, sandpaper P180 polished after turning P320 fine grinding, scraping and dusting is a handmade technology, slow work, must be polished .

6. After spraying, the atomized ash layer is sprayed with a primer and sprayed twice. After drying, the P800 sandpaper is polished.

7.Spray paint: two kinds

(1) Directly spray high-gloss 2K series hardener, usually spray it twice, dry it and use P2000 sandpaper to grind the place where the dust dot process is small, polish and wax.

(2)After spray 1K primer surfacer, background paint generally spray 2 to 3 layers, varnish spray twice to be protected. After drying, use the P2000 sandpaper to polish the dusty spots where the process is small, polish and wax.
1K Primer Surfacer



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