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How To Deal With Car Refinish Paints Interface?

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Dealing with the car refinish paints interface, we could do as following:
1. Use a polishing machine to throw the entire finished panel (do not sand with two thousand sandpapers) and throw away the rust and stain on the paint film.
2. Degreasing with degreasing agent and removing wax.
3. Polishing with 2000 sandpaper, the area is greater than the range of 10cm
4. After grinding, spraying the background paint, the base paint viscosity is a little bit thin, the spraying range is as small as possible.
5.Spray varnish, varnish ratio is normal deployment, spray gun pressure is not too much, the spray range beyond the solid color paint range 2cm, leaving 8cm sandpaper traces of two thousand.
6.BYT clear coat series combine with the interface water, the mixing ratio is 1:1.
7.In the 8cm range sprayed with the interface water varnish, spray gun pressure point, little spray, pay attention not to spout.
8.With 100% of the interface water for the final connection. Spray twice, the surrounding paint will evaporate along with the interface water.
9.The place of spray clear coat simply polished the gray point, the interface water do not care about it.

10.The final is the overall polishing, after throwing the interface, you can not see it.

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