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How To Protect Car Paint?

As an automotive paint manufacturer, here are some examples of how we should protect our car paints in China daily for you. 1, Try not to let the car exposure. Although automotive paints have good weatherability and UV resistance, paints will age and fade over time. 2, Don't wash your car under the sun. Don't wash your car immediately after the sun exposure. This often leads to paint cracking. 3, After the rain to develop the

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Do You Know The "Four Paint And Three Baking" Car Paint?

In the original car paint coating layer, in addition to the color paint layer does not need to be baked, the other three paint layers need to be baked, people call this coating process "four paint and three baking." Baking temperature needs to reach above 170°C. I heard that there are car paint manufacturers using "three painted and two baked" to remove the middle coating layer. Car paint repair coating is generally five lay

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Do You Know How Many Layers Of Car Paint?

A total of 4 layers of paint are generally applied to new cars: 1, Electrophoretic paint layer: Electrophoretic paint coating is the entire body foamed into the electric pool inside, no dead ends roll tumbling foam, the main role is anti-rust, rust, the body is the bottom of anti-rust. The 2, In the coating basecoat layer: In fact, after the electrophoretic paint layer is not directly on the middle primer, car chassis will be

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What Brand Of Car Clear Coat Is Good?

The final process of auto repair painting is spray clear coat. Its main function is to improve the brightness of the entire automotive paint film, outdoor weather resistance, UV resistance, and excellent adhesion to protect the aging of the paint film. As automotive clear coat is located in the outermost layer of automotive paint, it is the most vulnerable to environmental erosion and pollution, so what brand of clear coat is

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Is Car Extra Fast Clear Coat Toxic?

Car extra fast clear coat is a clear coating of resin plus solvent, with resin as the main film forming material. The main harmful substances of automobile varnish are derived from solvents, which are generally benzene series, ketone series and ester series. The varnish has a large odor and does not represent a great toxicity. The solvent content is high, but the odor is small, the harm is great, the resin content is high, the

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How Does The Car Clear Coat Fall Off?

The last layer of car painting is spray clear coat, such as BYT clear coat. Sometimes there will be varnish layer shedding phenomenon, if varnish layer can not hang color paint layer, it will directly affect the effect of the entire car, but also it has a certain impact on their brand reputation. In this case, it is recommended that all varnish be cleaned, then re-polished with fine sandpaper and then spray clear coat. And va

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What Causes The Clear Coat To Fall Off?

1.It may be spray paint after the directclear coat did not dry. 2.It may be that the paint has been dried for too long. It will also be exfoliated if it is not polished directly. Because any paint must be polished before it is sprayed, the clear coat will be more firmly adhered to the primer layer. 3.Clear coat series has a different solid content, different clear coat matching the corresponding curing agent, if the clear co

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What Is The Price Of Clear Coat?

Acrylic automotive clear coat belong to the outermost protective paint for automotive refinish with high gloss, high brightness and fullness and other characteristics. Different concentrations of car varnish prices will be different. For example, the market price of Maschine auto varnish, such as suit of BYT clear coat series (5 liters of varnish + 2.5 liters of hardener + 1 litre of hardener), the best set of high clear coat

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Differences Between Primer Spray Guns And Topcoat Spray Guns And Point Repair Primer Paint Spray Guns

1.Paint and primer spray gun sector contrast The top coat has a low spraying viscosity, requires fine atomization, and has a uniform color and fullness. Therefore, the nozzle has a small aperture, the spray nozzle atomizes to widen, and the spray spread is dispersed. The primer paint has a high viscosity and requires uniform atomization, smoothness, and easy grinding. Therefore, the nozzle has a large bore diameter, a large ce

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What Is The Composition Of Car Paint?

The first thing to know is that auto paint is that it is not a separate entity. It is a paint on the surface of a car. It is made up of different paint layers. Automobile manufacturers generally use one-component amino baking paint as the basecoat colors and top coat. Film-forming substances need to be baked at a high temperature of 170°C. to achieve the required hardness and adhesion, and the performance is very good, high gl

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Do You Know The Car Paint Shop Process?

The automobile coating has two important functions, one is to protect the matrix material (such as steel and plastic), and the other is to improve the appearance quality. Coating is effected by a film of about 0.1 mm, which is very effective compared to other methods and measures. The overall process flow in the automotive paint shop is divided into two major steps: The first step: starting from the body-in-white, pre-cleanin

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Important Issues in Automotive Painting Systems (C)

1. Extra fast clear coat is commonly used varnish in BOYET series. VOCs and other gases that are originally dissolved in paint and paint mist treatment circulating water will be released during spraying, wet defoaming, paint film curing, and paint residue treatment and reuse. These environmentally harmful gases need to be released. After being collected and oxidized, it can be discharged into the atmosphere. The harmful effect

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Important Problems in Automotive Painting Systems (B)

1.MF1K solid colors (basecoat colors) are commonly used primers in GOODSIF series auto paints. After the body is painted, the wet film on the car body surface needs to be dried or cured. The drying process is usually carried out in a drying room with infrared or hot air convection. Consuming the least amount of energy to cure the varnish on the car body surface to obtain the highest quality coating product is another important

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Important Issues In Automotive Painting Systems (A)

1. The painting system can be thought of starting from the spraying of paint on the gun to the surface of the car body, but after the paint is atomized by the spray gun, only part of the paint is actually applied on the car body surface. Whether it is epoxy primer or clear coat series or other paints. The ratio of the amount of paint applied to the vehicle body surface to the total amount sprayed by the gun is defined as the p

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How To Spray White Pearl Paint?

Automotive white pearl, one of the pearl colors(base coat colors), paint using three processes: white base coat+ pearl + varnish. White base coat: White pearls being good or not, depends on the white background; the smoother and more delicate the white base coat, the less likely the white pearls will be spent. White base coat generally use 1K pure white, that is, one-component white paint, thin material diluted a little, wet s

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Happy Women's Day

The day before yesterday is our Women's Day.In this gentle and beautiful festival.we prepared beautiful gifts for all female employees. We wish all women to be beautiful like flowers and Happy happiness forever We hope health and beauty often accompany with you Happy Women's Day again!

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