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Where is the car paint color number

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Car paint color number is the car manufacturer's car color code for each launch,basically speaking, each car has its own color number, on behalf of the car's color. General signs are embedded in a corner of the car, different brands of cars, the location will be different. General signs can see, pay attention to the above paint color is the color code below.

Some domestic cars do not have color number, color number is generally in these places: inside the engine cover, rear tailgate inside, the fuel tank cap inside, the main passenger seat next to or below the nameplate, these few places if not found , Then it really does not, there is paint on the nameplate, the number behind the color is the color number. It is recommended that you should usually develop a habit of taking notes in the color when the color, which is a kind of accumulation. Forgotten things can be read at any time!

I will always share some tips about automotive paints or Auto Pearl Basecoat Colors Paint.If you are interested, welcome to follow me and hope to get your suggestions.

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