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Do You Know The Car Paint Shop Process?

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The automobile coating has two important functions, one is to protect the matrix material (such as steel and plastic), and the other is to improve the appearance quality.
Coating is effected by a film of about 0.1 mm, which is very effective compared to other methods and measures. The overall process flow in the automotive paint shop is divided into two major steps:

The first step: starting from the body-in-white, pre-cleaning, pre-degreasing, degreasing, washing, surface modulation, phosphating, invading washing, spraying, electrophoretic coating, ultrafiltration spraying and ultrafiltration infiltration, electrophoresis baking, electrophoresis Grinding, PVC, squeeze sealant, wipe. The main purpose of this step is to protect the substrate material from corrosion.

The second step: spray painting, middle coating baking, polishing, wiping, artificial spray solid colors (basecoat colors), robot spray pearl colors(basecoat colors), robot spray paint varnish CC, drying paint, polishing repair, quality inspection (make up paint or large repair), send the assembly. The main purpose of this step is to improve the appearance quality and coloring.

solid colors (basecoat colors)



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